Lango vizualizacija


  • Interior visualizations
  • Exterior visualizations
  • Product visualizations
  • 360° visualizations
  • 3D animation

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Visualizations are images or video format files generated with the help of 3D software. The goal of the visualizations is to reproduce reality as realistically as possible. There is no difference between "visualization" and "3D visualization" - the two terms have the same meaning, in both cases the production of visualizations and the end result are the same. The term "3D Visualizations" is also known as 3D graphics, 3D rendering, or computer-generated image (CGI).

No - everything is more than static images we consider a virtual tour, if you need an interactive visualization system please read Virtual tours FAQ.

Yes, we can "glue-in" visualizations into photos provided by the client or taken by us, read more about this in the photo services FAQ.

Unless otherwise specified by the customer at the time of ordering, the customer receives PNG (if a transparent background is required) or JPG if you order static visualizations, MP4 if you order a video format. Unless otherwise specified at the time of ordering or in the project implementation agreement, the working files created during the project implementation do not belong to the customer and are not provided with the final 3D visualization files.

You can evaluate the quality of our work in the section of completed projects. If you have your own or see a favorite style in one of our previous projects - please indicate it together with the object information. During the visualization production process, we are in constant communication with the client and adjust the implementation of the project taking into account the client's comments regarding the work already done. The work takes place in stages and only after receiving confirmation from the client that the stage is completed is the next stage taken.

Yes, for higher value orders a contract is always signed, for lower values ??- according to the customer's request. We provide the initial form of the contract, the initial form of the contract is not concise - the client can adjust it according to his needs.

  • Drawings of the object or product (preferably but not necessarily in digital format).
  • The desired amount of visualizations.
  • If it is a real estate object, indicate whether exterior 3D visualizations, interior 3D visualizations, quarter 3D visualizations are required.
  • Static visualizations, video or virtual tour required.
  • Purpose of visualizations (print/WEB).
  • If you wish, you can also specify the desired visualization style, visualization lighting, time of day and year, weather conditions.
  • Specify a convenient time for you to produce visualizations.

Each customer has different needs, so the price is calculated according to these needs. Write to us and you will receive a competitive offer that meets your needs.

Benefits of visualizations in real estate:

Saves your time - 3D visualizations provide an opportunity to see what a real estate object will look like even before its construction begins, as well as visualizations allow you to plan the interior layout of the real estate object, the influence of wall colors on lighting, layout of spaces. Visualizations can also be used to create an interactive virtual tour.

Benefits of visualizations in product prototyping:

As in the field of real estate, so in the production of prototypes, visualizations allow you to see an object before its physical production begins. When creating visualizations with the help of 3D software, we create an object in virtual 3D space, the created object is an exact copy of the physically produced product. With the help of this 3D model, it is possible to detect defects that would normally be visible only during the production of the product before starting the production of the product, thus avoiding additional costs. The created 3D model can also be printed using a 3D printer or milled on a computer-controlled (CNC) milling machine.